About Us

Who We Are

10Rainbows for Kids is a holistic based Nursery and Day Care Centre in Muharraq. It is run by Christine Hasan and Moona Fairooz. Rainbows accepts children from 1 year of age to shy of 4 years old. We believe that all the children who come to us should see Rainbows as a welcome extension to their home life. We never settle for second best in our personal lives and we dont expect young children to either.

Rainbows provides a loving, caring , fun filled and secure environment for all children in our care. As well as catering to their basic needs, we provide a rich environment that blends together all that is best for the children. Our care givers and teachers come from many different cultures and give an international feel to Rainbows, helping children thrive. We dont have televisions or computers at Rainbows. There is nothing to distract the children from interacting and communicating with each other and the adults surrounding them.

At Rainbows little children learn all about their world and environment through exploration and fun; be it in gently coloured playrooms or in the fully equipped playground.

All the colour schemes used at Rainbows reflect our ethos of calm and safety. There are no garish colour schemes to enervate the children and the staff speak in soft gentle tones to the children: correcting mistakes where needed and not the child.

At Rainbows we celebrate life, festivals and events from around the world raising the students awareness of one people, one world united in our differences.